Robbie Coomber

Software Engineer

Personal Details

Robbie Coomber
  • Name: Robbie Coomber
  • Nationality: UK
  • Address: London UK
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Skype: robbie.coomber
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Professional Profile

I was taken to the London Science Museum too many times as a child and developed a fascination for pressing buttons. This turned into a love of technology and a eventually a CS degree. I’m now building things that are indistinguishable from magic.

I’m currently looking for freelance work or exciting start-ups to be involved in.

Work Experience

2017 March - 2017 April

The App Business

Freelance Software Developer

I worked on building 2 apps for Maplin:

Both apps used Cordova to wrap JavaScript/ES6 code with React/Redux/ReduxSaga stack.

2016 October - 2017 January


Freelance Software Developer

I worked on building an internal project management site from scratch.

I was part of a small interdisciplinary team with 2 designers and a front end developer. Technical responsibilities included all systems architecture design, all back end development, all DevOps, and front end application layer development.

2016 March - 2016 July

Firefly Learning

Freelance Software Developer

Firefly needed someone who could quickly get up to speed on a large codebase for an established product. I accelerated development of the next version of their award-winning learning platform.

I worked on both the C# back end and the JS/React/Redux front end.

2016 February - 2016 February


Freelance Software Developer

I created a server application and front end library to facilitate interaction between a website and an Arduino.

2015 August - 2015 August

Story Terrace

Freelance Software Developer

StoryTerrace hired me for a very short project to jump-start development of StoryStarter, a crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing platform.

Features implemented by me included:

  • News feed with comments.
  • Email notifications.
  • Payment system using Stripe.

2015 March - 2015 July


Freelance Software Developer

Philometrics hired me for full-stack web development work. I helped create a next-gen survey platform, features implemented by me include:

  • Integration with Amazon Mechanical Turk to enable large scale collection of survey responses.
  • Collection of responses by email and URL.
  • Payment system using PayPal.
  • Pricing logic.

The back-end used Node.js with MongoDB as a data-store. We used Bootstrap on the front-end.

2011 October - 2014 December

StarLeaf Ltd

Software Engineer

Working at StarLeaf was a great experience, as I got to work on a huge range of projects with some very brilliant people.

A (non-exhaustive!) list of things I did whilst working there:

  • Built an iOS and Mac OS X video conferencing app called StarLeaf Breeze.
  • Various back-end web dev projects, including the customer portal, and integrating it with the rest of the cloud service.
  • Wrote a database schema and migration framework for PostgreSQL using SQLAlchemy.
  • Video codec optimisation and features.
  • Build systems, code coverage, unit and integration testing.

2010 April - 2010 May


Software Intern

I helped create a very small USB device that turned infra-red signals (like a TV remote) into keyboard presses.

This was a fun exercise in constrained programming, because the code size had to be very small to fit on the device!

2009 July - 2009 September


Software Intern

Off the back of my second year group project win with SolidWorks as the corporate sponsor, I was invite to join their research department to explore how touch interfaces could be used in CAD. This was in 2009 so before the iPad even existed!

We were given a Microsoft Surface (not the tablet, the coffee table, now known as PixelSense) and created several apps showcasing different use cases.


2007 - 2011

University of Cambridge

Computer Science

My final year solo project was to create an algorithm for an efficient motion search (used in videos codecs) to run on a GPU. The implementation was in CUDA and C.

My second year group project was to create a multi-user design program that uses a DiamondTouch table as input. A team of judges invited from industry chose my group’s project as the winner, based on a live technical demo and a short presentation, which won us a cash prize from IBM. This victory led to my internship with SolidWorks.

I had intermittent problems with RSI during my degree, which forced me to take a year out between my second and third years of study. This is included here because otherwise the dates are confusing (4 years for a 3 year course, with an internship at Kynesim in Spring during what would have been exam term).

I was unable to take my final exams due to RSI, but the university granted me my degree due to the quality of my work up to that point. This is called DDH or Deemed to have Deserved Honours (longer explanation).


Skills & Knowledge

Programming Languages

JavaScript 90%
Python 90%
C 90%
Objective C 75%
C# 75%
Java 50%


  • Linux
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL
  • Node.js
  • React
  • Compile-to-JS
  • Architecture
  • Algorithms
  • Data Structures
  • Integration Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Code Coverage
  • Build Systems
  • Continuous Integration
  • Git & SVN